Commercial and Industrial

Auburn Towers, Auburn, CA

This project consisted of the design of an addition to an existing two-story office building.  The existing building was also completely gutted for the remodel and an entire new facade was added.  In addition, two new two-story sections were added to the front of the original building.



 Alemany Pump Station, San Francisco, CA

This project consists of the structural design of the pump station and utility buildings for the Alemany Pump Station Upgrade in San Francisco.  The pump station building is a single‑story reinforced concrete building with two underground pipe trenches and one above grade pipe structure.  The utility building is a single-story reinforced concrete building for two surge tanks, a main switchgear room, a paralleling switch room and an emergency generator room.  Tuan and Robinson Structural Engineers worked in conjunction with the City of San Francisco, Bureau of Engineering, for the design of this project, whose client was the Public Utilities Commission, Engineering Management Bureau.


Recycle America – Alliance Equipment Platforms, Hayward, CA

This industrial project included the design of multiple steel platforms for the support of recycled crushed glass sorting machines.  The steel frames have multiple levels to support the various pieces of equipment and the conveyor belts to transport the material.



Tesla Portal – Blast Protection, Tracy, CA

This project is currently in design for the City of San Francisco, Public Utiilities Commission.  Tuan and Robinson Structural Engineers was retained to design the blast protection system for the existing Tesla Portal where three major pipelines of the Hetch Hetchy water system connect to the Coast Range tunnel.  The blast protection system is designed to withstand blast forces from both truck and package type bombs, in addition to seismic ground forces.  The blast protection structure will also be designed to allow all required maintenance access to the Portal while also protecting the portal structure.